Celebration Cakes & Desserts

Celebration cakes

Our European-inspired dessert cakes are light, creamy and divine. Each cake is decorated in a unique way, so please share with us a little bit of your story, so that we can incorporate it into your cake’s design.
Each cake is made to the order.

Please, allow min 7 working days from date of your payment.
Please note: Due to the lack of workers in the area we are now very often understaffed in our kitchen and limited with amount of orders we can complete.

Our flavours
Strawberry-pineapple torte
Chocolate-strawberry torte
Bourbon cherry ripple (Black forest)
Chocolate mousse cake
Chocolate-raspberry mousse cake
Hummingbird cake
Chocolate-banana cake
Mango-macadamia cheesecake
Raspberry-coconut cheesecake
Mocha Gluten free cake

Desserts / Mini Desserts

Too late? All is not lost! We can prepare a box of desserts or mini desserts for your celebration within a day.
Explore our wide range of Desserts / Mini Desserts.

Dessert Stations

Create a theme for your wedding or a special event with our Dessert Station.


Macarons / Macaron Bonboniere

Macaron Bonboniere
Macaron Bonboniere

Explore our wide range of Macarons.

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