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Dessert Station

A great way to create sophisticated, memorable experiences for your guests, whether a wedding, cocktail party or special dinner, a Dessert Station is a guaranteed winner. Desserts are visually appealing and guests can visit the dessert table multiple times throughout the evening, if they wish!

Choose from the menu to best suit your occasion and venue. We can help you out with serving plates, platters and stands. You can choose from our White or High tea collection.

We provide a whole cake and abeautiful assortment of mini desserts in three popular themes: Roses, Ocean
or Rustic. The Dessert Stations contain the perfect balance of chocolate, citrus, berry, cream and savoury andare decorated with fresh flowers, berriesand macarons according to the event theme. We will happily work with you to match your unique event décor, theme and color scheme. The one size cut cake will provide approximately 30 tea/coffee serves.


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