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Mini Desserts

Something little for everyone’ s sweet tooth.
Let us surprise your guests with a collection of divine flavours, colours and sizes.
We make macarons, meringues, tarts, cheesecakes, chocolate cakes and many more.
Most of bellow products we can prepare for your pickup within 24 hours.
Please, note that these are “Patisserie” style of desserts and need to be refrigerated before serving. If you look for cakes, which can be displayed without refrigeration, visit our DESSERT STATIONS.


Mini Dessert
Strawberry-pineapple torte 4.50 6.50
Chocolate-strawberry torte 4.50 6.50
Bourbon Black Forest 4.50 6.50
Chocolate mousse cake 4.50 6.50
Chocolate-raspberry mousse cake 4.50 6.50
Hummingbird cake 4.50 6.50
Mango-macadamia cheesecake 4.50 6.50
Raspberry-coconut cheesecake 4.50 6.50
Lemon tart 3.50 5.50 GF
Chocolate brownie love heart 5   GF
Vanilla cannoli 3.50 5
Caramel tart 3.50 5.50 GF
Macaron (almond shell) 2 GF
Macaroon (coconut shell) 2 4.50 GF
Meringue (coconut shell) 2 4.50 GF



Acrylic 3-tier stand hire
White ceramic stands hire

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